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Are ghosts real? Here you can find lots of scary things to help you decide. We have real ghost pics, real scary ghost clips, electronic voice phenomenon, ghost stories and more.

We are dedicated to all haunted and scary things, both paranormal and unexplained. We are a community for people who love ghosts and other haunted, paranormal or scary things. Ghosts are discussed on our Facebook fan page, along with other interesting and scary things. Both ghost hunters and skeptics alike are welcome to participate.

This website was created by normal people with an interest in the scary and unexplained mysteries of life. In addition to ghosts, we detail other scary things such as unsolved mysteries and famous criminals. Ghosts of Earth is updated regularly with new haunted content so that there is always fresh and frightening resources for your enjoyment. There is no question that there are things both scary and unexplained within the boundaries of this earth. So, are ghosts real? At Ghosts of earth we think the answer is a yes. The only question is... How do we prove it?

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Ghosts Dig deeper into the world of ghosts and decide for yourself if they are real or not
Unsolved Mysteries Learn more about mysteries which to this day, still can't fully be explained
Scary Things Highlighting many common things that are also very scary
Famous Criminals There have been some horrible human beings that have done some very scary things


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