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Scary Ghost Pictures

Some Of The Scariest Ghost Pictures Ever

Real ghosts? On the Ghost Pictures page, you will find lots of real scary pictures,  interesting ghost pics and ghost images. Some of these scary ghost pictures have been tested by a number of paranormal and scientific investigators, only to come up with no answers or explanations. Some are famous ghost pictures. Others are not as famous but are just as spooky. Click each link for the real ghost picture info and a larger image. These ghost pics are just as much a mystery to us as they are to you. We will leave the debate of the existence of ghosts up to you.

Back Seat Driver

This picture was taken around 1959. A woman was visiting the grave of her mother who had just passed away. She had brought along her camera to take pictures of the grave. After taking a few shots of her mother's gravestone, she took a quick snapshot of her husband, who was waiting in the car. When the film was developed, they were shocked to see a figure wearing glasses in the back seat of the car. It was immediately recognized as the womans mother The mother whose grave they had visited that day. An expert who examined, determined that the picture was not a reflection or a double exposure.
The Brown Lady of Raynham

This is one of the more famous ghost pictures It was taken in 1936. It is said to show the ghost of the Brown Lady who haunts Raynham Hall in England. This ghost picture is believed by many to be one of the best and most convincing of all the known photographs of ghosts. In many cases it is presented as actual proof of the existence of ghosts. This is due in part to the actual age of the picture. Being taken in 1936 eliminates a majority of hoax techniques available today. The Brown Lady of Raynham is the ghost of Lady Townshend who was married to Charles Townshend, When Townshend discovered his wife's less than faithful habits, he imprisoned her in the family estate at Raynham Hall, in Norfolk, England. He never allowed her to leave, even to see her own children. She remained there until her death.
All Men Accounted For

This photo taken in 1919 of the R.A.F. Airmen had an extra man present that day. The face seen behind the man in the close up was easily identified by all the airmen as their friend, Freddy Jackson, a fellow airman who was killed two days earlier in an accident. Maybe he wanted to stay close to his buddies? Or was he sending a message from the other side? What do you think?
Toys R Us Ghost

This photo was captured on infrared film years ago during a paranormal investigation at an allegedly haunted Toys R Us store. The leaning figure was not visible at the time of the shot and other high speed cameras that were filming at the exact same time had no trace of him. Creepy.
Ghost at the Tracks

A strange legend surrounds this intersection of roadway and railroad tracks. It was supposedly the site of a terrible accident in which several school children were killed. Legend has it that their ghosts still linger at the spot and will push idling cars across the tracks, Some people believe the figure in the photo looks like a little girl with a dog sitting next to her.

Ghost of Lord Cobermere

This picture was taken in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. The figure of a man can be seen sitting in the chair to the left. His head, collar and right arm on the armrest are clearly visible. It is believed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere.
Grandpa's Ghost

The picture to the right was taken at a gathering of friends and family of the woman pictured. She was in her nineties and died a short time after photo was taken. No one noticed for a few years the chilling image behind her. They had even made copies and passed them out to family members because they thought it was such a good picture of their grandma. When it was finally noticed, family members were able to compare the mystery man in the background to other family photographs. The mystery man turned out to be quite the opposite. They all believed it was their grandfather who had long since passed away. Judging from the second set of photos, they may have been right. View side by side . comparison here Grandpa's Ghost Pictures
Boy With Jesus

This is photo apparently taken in the 70's that shows the face of a small child inside the picture of Jesus behind the family. There were no other children there at the time picture was taken.
Ghost of the Seven Gables

While touring the historic House of the Seven Gables in Salem, MA. someone snapped this eerie photo. The image of a small boy seems to be in the shrubbery, looking over the wooden fence. The best part of the story is that the image is supposed to bear a close resemblance to the son of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Julian, who had lived in the home.
Cowboy Killer

This interesting photograph was supposed to be of the man you see in the cowboy hat. He had the pictures done in black and white to create more of an old west feel. When he had the pictures developed he was scared by what he saw. What looks like a man rising from the ground and holding what looks to be a knife. The man who took the photo says that there were no other people anywhere nearby. What makes this photo so mysterious is the fact that the figure is not casting a shadow as it should be and is only visible from the chest up, as if it were in a hole.
Sefton Church Ghost

This picture was taken in 1999 inside the Sefton Church located in England. The church itself is a very old structure. The photographer claimed that there was nobody else present at the time of the photograph. Because the apparition appears to be wearing black, some think that it could be the ghost of a minister.
Librarian Ghost

This is picture that is believed to have captured the ghost of a former librarian named Myrtle.
Ghost Baby

The photograph to the right was taken by a woman mourning her 17 year old daughter who had passed away. She only meant to take a picture of the grave. What she actually captured has managed to stir quite a debate over the years. The woman claims that there were no children anywhere near at the time of the shot. She further stated that she did not even recognize the child, therefore it wouldn't have been someone she would have taken a photo of. This supposedly rules out double exposure. She also states that it does not resemble her deceased daughter as a child. So the ghost baby remains a mystery still today.
Guardian Angel or Ghost?

This picture was at the scene of a horrible accident very shortly after the crash. Some say that this is an angel. The passengers survived. From the looks of the wreckage, an angel would have definitely been needed. What do you think?
Return of a Friend

This picture is definitely spooky. The photographer had a friend who had recently been killed. You can see a picture of that friend in the top right corner for comparison. Behind the photographers little girl appeared what looks strangely close to the face of the photographers friend.


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